Reputation Today Super Night

Reputation Today is India's only print magazine for Public Relations and Corporate Communications professionals. The last edition for the year 2016 recognized and appreciated the hard work and dedication of 40 young men and women in the communications and public relations industry. A celebratory event was organized to facilitate these 40 under 40. PR professionals … Continue reading Reputation Today Super Night



The 14th Edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) took place on the 15th January, 2017. It is considered to be one of the mega fundraising events of international standards that take place every year. SCMM has been a witness to courage and determination over the years of human capabilities. This year too was … Continue reading SCMM’17


A dog is said to be a ‘man’s best friend’. They are considered loyal, intelligent, devoted, affectionate and most importantly faithful creatures. They are not considered watch dogs anymore but have risen to the status of pets. There are many instances where pet dogs have been buried next to their owner's graves. This explains the … Continue reading Doggo

Common Sense – The Key Component

'Common sense is not so common', is a common adage, but what exactly is 'Common Sense?' While there may be many technical definitions to it, there is a practical aspect to this maxim as well. In simple language it is nothing but one's understanding and reaction of doing things in everyday life. One learns from … Continue reading Common Sense – The Key Component

Festivelle for the Festibella

I am a firm believer in feminism and women empowerment. Feminism is the belief that all people are entitled to the same civil rights regardless of gender. Women empowerment refers to improving the social and economic conditions of a woman so as to make her confident and independent and enable her to live a life … Continue reading Festivelle for the Festibella