#RTConclave, Mumbai

The Reputation Today Conclave was held on 5 th April,2017 at Godrej One, Vikroli-Mumbai. This conclave brought together over 117 senior communication professionals from over 70 organisations and 30 PR consulting firms, to listen and interact with business leaders on the subject of reputation management and strategic communications.

As communicators, it is integral to know the right mediums through which one can reach the public. The #RTConclave served as a good knowledge-sharing platform to learn and benefit from other communication professionals.

Avani Davda, Managing Director, Godrej Nature’s Basket on Building Brand Reputation using Word of Mouth, focused on the Five principles of word of mouth marketing namely Credible – Honest & Authentic, Respectful – Transparent & trustworthy, Social – Listening, Participating, Responding & Engaging, Measurable – Define, Monitor & Evaluate and Repeatable. She ended by saying that it is a powerful tactic and should be carefully used as it can make or break a brand.

Mainak Dhar, Managing Director, General Mills spoke on The Power of Marketing in Transforming Oneself. He very strongly felt that ‘Your product must deliver what it communicates.’ And that communication professionals should focus on the journey of the brand and not the destination.

Apurva Purohit, CEO Radio City & President Jagran Group addressed the Adventures of a Woman at Work in Building a Professional Reputation. She strongly felt that women are a product of the choices they make. One can choose to be a victim or a bystander or the heroine of their own fate.’

Speaking on the Magic of Creativity in Building Reputation, Salt Brand Solutions entrepreneur, Mahesh Chauhan said that bombarding people with content neither helps the brand nor the people. There is so much of content available to consume that time isn’t enough, but if the content is powerful then it makes the right impact and receives the right reactions. He ended saying creativity is no longer confined to television sets, the more real it gets the more it is lived.

Kanchana TK, Director General, OPPI on attention Pharma Communications in an era of Increased Patient Engagement. She drew attention to surrogate communications as a means to reach the target audience. She also mentioned how the trends are now changing and people are open to speaking about their health and healthcare practises.

The highlight of DBOI Global Services Pvt Ltd, Managing Director Sandhya Vasudevan, was that Building a Formidable Corporate Reputation Takes Commitment and Courage. She felt that the reputational aspect will play a major role not only for building the brand but also in keeping it safe.

The conclave ended with networking over lunch. I took back 3 learnings from this day.

  • A person/brand isn’t defined by the designation/label but by the journey he makes.
  • Learn to accept a compliment, celebrate it!
  • Creativity is Content and is emerging as the only C of marketing.

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