Reputation Today Super Night

Reputation Today is India’s only print magazine for Public Relations and Corporate Communications professionals. The last edition for the year 2016 recognized and appreciated the hard work and dedication of 40 young men and women in the communications and public relations industry. A celebratory event was organized to facilitate these 40 under 40.

PR professionals who attended this event were great achievers and had reached stellar heights in their careers. These 40 individuals were set apart from the rest by virtue of their passion and dedication that they showed towards their tasks at hand. They had proved their intelligence mettle and thus earned every bit of respect from their colleagues and places of work.

They have not only made an impact but also are an inspiration to young and budding executives and students like me to leave my mark in this communications sector.

I’d like to end this by quoting Mr. Shekhar Das Chowdhury who when asked to advise the communicators of tomorrow said, “Be ready to learn everything by yourself, as no one is going to hand it to you in a platter. Speak less, listen more and stay rooted.”

This platform was also leveraged to introspect on the year gone by and to celebrate another great year of learning and sharing. The forth edition of the Reputation Today magazine too was launched at this get-together.




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