PRAXIS was a two day event that happened in Aamby Valley on the 22nd & 23rd of Sept 2016. This was a one of a kind event, something I haven’t attended before.
After months of prep & discussion with my professors, and only imagining what the whole place might look like, I could now fill colours to the empty frame of PRAXIS at Aamby Valley.
The journey made me feel like I was walking among clouds, it made a spectacular picture which I tried to capture but couldn’t do justice to the view.
On reaching the venue we immediately started working and helping with the registration desk. Arranging the chaos of name tags and bag tags only gave us a peek into the attendees of the event. Assisting the dynamic and engaging host Mr. Kiruba Shankar was the duty assigned to me & I was more than happy to take it up. While the summit began & began 5 minutes before time we were all eager to find out what was in store for us over the next days.
Writing the citations for the speakers made me realize the versatility of people present there & all were expertise in their fields.
While the panel discussions covered a gamut of topics. The one I loved the most was on the millennials by Pascal Beucler , Chief Vice President and CSO MSLGROUP. He spoke about Millennials influencing the brand and because they do so it is very important to understand what motivates them. For us, students studying PR I understood that we should intern at firms and learn the functionality & practicality of running the business. This is because we will be a like a textbook of PR after completing our course but what we should aim at is to use those techniques and come up with new ideas on the go. We should pass on exposure, unlearn the preconceived notions and learn the new ways as PR is changing and evolving rapidly. Hence the community supporting and coming together at a common platform to discuss, debate & build relationships helps in doing just that.

In all the topics touched upon, we were reminded that ‘Content is King’ and no matter what medium we choose to communicate, content is always the matter of uttermost importance. It should not only be attractive but also relevant and impactful to the audience. We in the communications business should find the best way to tell a story that the audience can connect to thus transforming a client into a consumer.
By the end of those two days filled with intensive sharing and learning, I could say that the PR community are at such a BOOM today. This is only because the people in this space have learnt the nuances of doing PR for PR and are putting it into practice. They are also imparting this on-the-go handy knowledge to us newbies who are entering this industry.

I am so glad to have chosen this space and am eagerly waiting to see how I can excel in this field.
Hi5 to Praxis5!


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