#RTConclave, Mumbai

The Reputation Today Conclave was held on 5 th April,2017 at Godrej One, Vikroli-Mumbai. This conclave brought together over 117 senior communication professionals from over 70 organisations and 30 PR consulting firms, to listen and interact with business leaders on the subject of reputation management and strategic communications. As communicators, it is integral to know the right mediums … Continue reading #RTConclave, Mumbai


I Voted!

In a democracy, citizens have the opportunity to vote on important issues and elect their leaders who will in turn represent you and ensure that you enjoy a better life. Voting in India is a Constitutional right and a fundamental duty for every citizen over 18 years of age irrespective of caste, color or creed. However, this … Continue reading I Voted!

It’s all about them fish

As a part of the GIZ module which is a part of the course I am doing, I was among the few who went to Sassoon Docks to witness the age-old and immensely popular fish auction. As you enter Sassoon Docks which resembles a fortress you are engulfed with an overpowering smell of the sea, a … Continue reading It’s all about them fish


Mediathon – Ideate. Innovate. Communicate

St. Paul's Institute of Communication Education, Bandra is organizing its first media festival Mediathon. It is happening on the 3rd & 4th of February. Instead of me talking about how great the fest is going to be, here are a few reasons why you should attend Mediathon. From a Treasure Hunt to the Galatic football … Continue reading Mediathon – Ideate. Innovate. Communicate



As the national anthem was being played among the chaos and noise at Rajpath on the 20th January 2017, I promised myself to watch the live telecast of the Republic Day parade at home. As much as I wanted to extend my stay in the capital, I had to return home to get back to my … Continue reading Indian-ness